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Cancel Scheduled Shutdown Command

Use ⊞ Win+R to open the Run dialog. Type “cmd” without quotes and hit ↵ Enter In the command line window as shown below, type the command as below for canceling or aborting the shutting…

Schedule Computer Shutdown

You may have something being downloaded that is going to take another 1 hour and you are so sleepy and you don’t want to keep the computer on further. Or maybe you want to go…

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How to make computer faster

This article will help you increase your computer speed. It might take a bit long to apply them all but it’s worth it! You will notice the difference after following the steps below to make…

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HTML5 Browsers Support

Chrome 10.0 is the winner. Firefox 4.0 is next in line and it scored pretty decently. Internet Explorer 8 has worst support of HTML5. IE10 is expected to be supporting HTML5 to a greater extent….

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HTML5 Session Storage

Stores data for one session The data is deleted when the browser’s window is closed. <script>     sessionStorage.variableName = "value";     alert(sessionStorage.variableName);     sessionStorage.removeItem("variableName");     alert(sessionStorage.variableName); </script> Tweet

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HTML5 Local Storage

HTML5 Local Storage Let’s discuss what HTML5 Local Storage is all about. HTML5 Local Storage stores data with no time limit, Data can be accessible at anytime and any windows/tabs (with some conditions like same…

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HTML5 Storage

No more web browser’s cookies storage needed (unless required). HTML5 has introduced a new way to store the data in user’s browser, known as client-side storage. HTML5 offers two new methods for storing data on…

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HTML5 Editable Content

Content can be made editable with adding the contenteditable attribute to it. More useful if paired with HTML5 Local Storage. contenteditable attribute can be added to CSS styles <div contenteditable="true">    You can edit content…

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HTML5 Audio and Video

Previously, we used <object> and <embed> tags No need to worry about plugins like Flash. HTML5 Audio is supported with the following tag: <audio controls="controls">     <source src="audiofile.mp3" type="audio/mp3" />     <source src="audiofile.ogg" type="audio/ogg" />…

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HTML5 Canvas

Allows to render 2D shapes or graphics on web page with help of JavaScript. Allows creating animation. <canvas id="myCanvas" width="200" height="200"></canvas> <script>     var c=document.getElementById("myCanvas");     var ctx=c.getContext("2d");     ctx.fillStyle="#00FF00";     ctx.fillRect(0,0,250,250); </script> Tweet