Unwanted Characters on Website Page

If you see any unwanted characters on any of your pages on your website, check the encoding of the page. If the encoding is not proper, it may add noisy characters to your pages in…

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How To Include Xsl in Xml

You can refer a css or a javascript file in an html page so whenever that html page is opened in a browser, it renders with the styles and the functionalities enabled. Similarly, this article…

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Dynamic printing using different trays in Smartforms

This article explains how we can do the dynamic tray interchange for printing of smartforms in other words – Dynamic printing using different trays in Smartforms. Dynamic printing using different trays in Smartforms Requirement: There…

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HTML5 Session Storage

Stores data for one session The data is deleted when the browser’s window is closed. <script>     sessionStorage.variableName = "value";     alert(sessionStorage.variableName);     sessionStorage.removeItem("variableName");     alert(sessionStorage.variableName); </script>

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HTML5 Local Storage

HTML5 Local Storage Let’s discuss what HTML5 Local Storage is all about. HTML5 Local Storage stores data with no time limit, Data can be accessible at anytime and any windows/tabs (with some conditions like same…

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HTML5 Storage

No more web browser’s cookies storage needed (unless required). HTML5 has introduced a new way to store the data in user’s browser, known as client-side storage. HTML5 offers two new methods for storing data on…