One should know what are the essential oils to be used for hair care in winter season. WintersChilly mornings, warm noon and freezing nights – in spite of the extremities, we all love this season. The season is always at its peak, be it fashionable clothes, trendy make up or latest footwear.

In the race of catching up with latest fashion trend, we forget the most important feature of our beauty, the crown of our head – Hair.

I am here bringing you the essential oils that are going to take care of your hair this winter.

  1. Olive Oil: Hot olive oil is an amazing hair treatment during hair oil picwinters as it has moisturizing properties. Adequate application on roots and gentle massage will do wonders for extreme dry hair. You can leave the oil applications overnight and wash away with a mild shampoo.
  2. Coconut Oil: A hot oil massage lubricates the scalp and reduces the flaking thus prevents dandruff. Apply coconut oil and leave it for 2 hours, then wash it with mild shampoo.
  3. Jojoba Oil: A wonderful treatment for dandruff. Jojoba Oil can be applied on scalp gently and left for 2 hours. Rinse it with mild shampoo. Conditioner can be used if required.
  4. Almond Oil: Vitamin E consisting almond oil, if applied on roots and left for an hour and rinsed away, gives a wonderful shine to your long black locks. This oil can also be added to the conditioner for more moisture and shine.
  5. Avocado Oil: Very amazing oil for damaged hair. Avocado oil contains hair vitamins and essential amino acids that prevent further hair damage. It can be applied on scalp and kept on for 2 hours and rinsed away with lukewarm water.
  6. Amla Oil: To avoid hair loss and premature graying of hair, Amla oil is the best remedy. It can be applied on scalp directly after shampoo. After leaving it for 15 minutes on scalp, it can be rinsed with warm water. Amla Oil also helps in preventing dandruff.
  7. Rosemary Oil: For scalp treatment, this oil is a perfect remedy. The oil texture is watery hence it can also be applied on the scalp after shampoo. It does not give an oily appearance to the hair and gives an aromatic experience.
  8. Eucalyptus Oil: An amazing oil for preventing dandruff and promotes hair growth. It can be applied on scalp. It does not give an oily appearance as it is watery with a pleasant fragrance.

So don’t let your hair hideaway in those hats and scarves. Treat them well and show them off this winter.

Keep Smiling 🙂