Fashion encyclopedia for a better selection of hat. You are what you wear, rightly said by someone. We all love to dress up. Fashion is one trend not escaped by any age group.

We all love to boast latest trend in fashion and show off to the world. But do we all know the correct ABC of fashion? Can we tell the difference between a winged collar and a Chinese collar?

  1. Fascinators : It is a head gear worn by women on formal occasions. It can be small or fascinatorlarge in size depending on its make. It is mostly decorated by laces, nets, various fabrics or sequin work. Fascinators are mostly worn by ladies in Polo matches or cricket matches during royal events. Best way to wear a fascinator is during a royal or outside formal event combined with western formal dress. Fascinators are a big no-no for a casual outings.
  1. Bowler Hat: Also known as bob hat or derby hat. It is a hard hat with a round crown.bowler hat It was supposedly very popular during Victorian era. This was initially honed by our favorite comedian Charlie Chaplin. Recently, Amir Khan was seen carrying it for his movie Dhoom 3. Best way to carry Bowler hat is with a leather jacket and jeans. It is a unisex hat. Apart from using this as a cover up for a bad hair day, it can be worn stylishly with a vintage shirt and a billowing skirt.
  1. Beret Cap: It is an old fashion seen usually in pre-roman times by the military people. Beret is a French word meaning “woolen cap worn by peasants”. In today’s world, this cap is usually seen in India, worn by most of the male senior citizens. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was seen wearinberet capg a Beret cap sometime back. A beret cap should always be bought in a contrast color to your hair. You can make a bun of your hair or a low pony tail to wear a beret cap. Hair can also be left open, so as to highlight the color of the beret cap. Small studs or long earring can be worn along with a beret cap for an evening.

So now you know a few different head gears that might have been confusion for most of you. This is all for Volume 1 of Fashion-o-pedia.

Keep Smiling and look out for more volumes coming soon…