Watch – An accessory, which selective few of us can’t do withoutwrist-watch. Available in various forms and shapes, various leather colors, different metallic bracelets, we love them all. For some, watches are collectibles; their love for these small yet powerful time-telling machines is beyond comparison.

But do we all watch-lovers know our watches in and out? Here is a watch-ology in alphabetical order that lets you know your watches better and make your watch shopping experience even better.

  1. Aperture: It is a small opening on the dial of the watch that shows the additional indication, like; date, month or week.
  2. Bezel: It is the ring that surrounds the dial and connects it to the crystal (upper cover of the watch). Bezels are usually stationary however; they are rotating in the diver’s watch who needs to calculate the time to come up to the surface by rotating the bezel.
  3. Case: This is known as the shell of the watch that contains the dial and the hour and minute hands.
  4. Complication: This is referred to the extra features present in the watch apart from showing time. Extra features like date and week display, moon-phase displays are the types of complications that are found on some of the watches.
  5. Chronograph: It is a type of complication that works as a stop clock. Very useful feature for the runners who needs to calculate the stretch of time of their laps.
  6. Crown: It is also known as winder. It is the small dial or a screw that helps the watch wearer to set or change date and time on the dial.
  7. Dial: It is the face of the watch, on which the date, time and other complications are displayed.
  8. Lugs: These are the small protrusions on the case of the watch for the attachment of the strap or the metal bracelet.
  9. Movement: This is the complicated assembly of the parts of the watch that makes it run and show time. It’s the engine of the watch. There are three types of movements: battery powered quartz movement, self winding mechanical movements and hand wound mechanical movement.
  10. Second time-zone indicator: This complication displays the second time zone on the same dial with help of extra hands or a separate small dial.

So now you know your watches well, wear and show them off proudly with all the knowledge and also help your friends to know more about them.

Keep Smiling!