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I was very confused when I got the product from a seller on amazon. The seller had very positive feedback. I had purchased this one from bestbuy but got a better deal on amazon so I returned the other one to bestbuy.

The packaging was loose because one bubble wrap was punctured. So my ipad box was moving in the main box.
This particular ipad from this seller was not having latest software installed and was not really able to connect to wifi. I was on the verge of returning but I was too lazy. So I tried couple of times scratching my head (because it’s apple, it’s gotta be easy and cool) but finally got it working.

I think in general iPad mini with retina has a wifi problem. I also have a wireless Bluetooth device that is connected to the speakers which connects my iPad and other devices to speakers wirelessly. It’s fun except for a couple of things like ipad is not capable of taking so much wirelessly – internet and Bluetooth. So the voice breaks at times. Also I have to manually connect it to the Bluetooth device.

iPad has some wireless issues in general at least the iPad mini with retina display.

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