Wash windows using scrunched up black and white newspaper wet in vinegar to wash windows. Immerse paper in vinegar and wipe the glass for some time, then burnish with a clean cloth. Mixed/Miscellaneous Tips

Remove stickers on wood by appling white vinegar on it and then rubbing it off.

Clean canopies or covers in a blink: Soak the blinds or canopies in the warm soapy water. Add little bleach, if the covers are white, to clean stains.

Remove nail polish from wooden furniture:
Wait for the polish to be dried out, then gently rub it off with a hard paper like any unused credit card. Wax the surface using superfine steel wool. The solvents in nail polish soften the finish of the wood, and wiping may take off the finish. So avoid wiping it up.

To get hard water deposits off of your fixtures try some diluted muriatic acid (available at pool stores or hardware stores), but don’t store it near chlorine- they can combine and become explosive!

Keeping a small pack of rug cleaner to use for quick cleanups of pet stains and kid spills is a good choice to avoid losing the costly rugs.

If you have too much to do every day, hire someone once a month basis and do the cleaning of things that you can’t do and that should be done monthly. With a little bucks you would keep your home dust and rust free and clean.

Keep multiple sponges for cleaning dishes. Every few days scamper them through your dishwashers and dispose every few weeks. Bacteria breeds in it as it is mostly wet and do not dry out amid uses.

Keep vacuum cleaners one on each floor of your house to ignore the ‘avoid cleaning’ just because you have to carry that bulky vacuum cleaner up and down each time you are in cleaning mood.

Wash child toys after the child has recovered from an illness. This will avoid the infection to another child.

Wipe windows with newspaper this prevents steaks, while washing them.

Use little isopropyl alcohol on the baby formula stains than a regular stain remover.

Cleaning ceramic tile:
Regular cleaning alcohol works good on a ceramic floor. Pour the cleaning alcohol and rub with mop until it dries. Keep the children away and ventilation on in the room during the process.

Removing Crayon from walls:
Use damp sponge and toothpaste. Rub carefully without being too hard on it.

Removing scratch, pen, and pencil marks from walls:
use a dry cloth and cleaning alcohol.

Cleaning your carpet:

  • Sweep your carpet with a broom.
  • Vacuum clean.

  • For wiping out stains, use a solution of two parts of water one part ammonia in a spray bottle. Spray on stain and wipe.

  • For a dry cleaning – mix 2 cups cornmeal with 1 cup borax. Sprinkle on carpet and leave it for an hour then vacuum again.

  • To remove pet odors, sprinkle baking soda on carpet and leave for an hour then vacuum.

Cleaning keyboard:
On a weekly basis, carefully vacuum the keys with the round brush attachment of your vacuum. Never spray on keyboard directly, use a cleaning cloth with all-purpose cleaning solution and then wipe it.

Home oil spills:
Paint thinner is best for this type of spill. Pour on spill and it will dissolve oil.

Garbage Disposal:
Use lemon to clean the sink disposal.

Use alcohol(isopropyl) and water solution for cleaning mirrors. Take 1 part alcohol with 4 parts water, it cleans with no streaks.

Dirty neck rings around shirt or blouse collars can be removed by shampoo. Shampoo is specifically made to remove body oils. A cheap bottle of shampoo kept by the washing machine is handy for cleaning oil stains in clothes.

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