Android 4.2.2 Update Available

So we move ahead with Android 4.2.2 update that is available to upgrade our smartphones! Previously, when minor version Android 4.1.2 was released, we updated our smartphone software and got it working. Now when it the new major version is released it is not guaranteed that your smartphone will receive the update. For example, on trying to update the Samsung Galaxy S3, I still get the message that your phone is updated with the latest software while the current software is 4.1.2 in my phone.

How to update android latest version

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How to Update Android Latest Version

What’s in Android 4.2.2 Update

Android 4.2, Jelly Bean improves on the speed and simplicity of Android 4.1 and includes all new features – Photo Sphere and a completely redesigned camera app, new Gesture Typing keyboard, Google Now with all new cards, and much more.

Everything in Jelly Bean feels fast, fluid, and smooth. Moving between home screens and switching between apps is effortless, like turning the pages of a book.

Jelly Bean improves performance throughout the system, including faster orientation changes, quicker switching between recent apps, and smoother and more consistent rendering across the system through vsync and triple buffering.

Jelly Bean has more reactive and uniform touch responses, and makes your Android device even more responsive by boosting your device’s CPU instantly when you touch the screen, and turns it down when you don’t need it to improve battery life.

New in Accessibility

  • Triple tap to enter full screen magnification when you enable ‘Magnification gestures’.
  • Enable ‘TalkBack’, a screenreader for Android, right from the power menu.

New in Camera

  • Android 4.2 features a completely redesigned camera app with new tools for taking photos.
  • High Dynamic Range or HDR mode (on supported devices) lets you see more detail in your shots by widening the exposure range.
  • A brand new photo editor features new filters, borders, and other tools to easily customize your photos.
  • With Photo Sphere you can take immersive 360º images and wide angle shots that you can view and share
    on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.
  • Access camera straight from your phone’s lock screen.

New in Clock

  • The clock has been totally redesigned with an all new look which includes both a digital and analog clock style.
  • You can use the new stopwatch to track time, count laps and splits, and share your times.
  • You can use the new timer to keep track of predetermined periods of time, run multiple timers at once, and even label your timers.
  • The world clock lets you check the time in different cities right from the Clock app or your lock screen.
  • New clock widgets let you choose from an analog or digital clock widget. You can also resize the digital clock widget to display the time in other cities around the world.
  • Platform level support for new wireless display settings implemented on Nexus 4, including the ability to discover and connect to Miracast™ compatible devices via Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Full HDMI mirroring with notifications and multi-display support.

New in Internationalization

  • Android 4.2 brings improved font positioning, glyph cache performance, and more accurate placement of accents in Indic, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai and Latin font kerning.
  • New fonts have been added including Roboto Thin and Nanum Gothic for improved Korean font quality.

New in Keyboard

  • Android 4.2 introduces an all new Gesture Keyboard that lets you glide over letters to type a word while it dynamically predicts what you want to type.
  • French, English and Russian dictionaries are even more accurate and relevant, while new dictionaries have been added in Danish, Greek, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish and Turkish.

New in Lock Screen

  • Android 4.2 lets you place widgets on your device’s lock screen to give you faster access to your calendar, Gmail, SMS messages, and even third party app widgets.
  • Quickly launch Google Now by swiping up from the bottom edge of your secure lock screen.
  • Easily access camera straight from your phone’s lock screen.

New in Messaging and Talk

  • Support for group messaging via MMS.

New in Networking

  • Wi-Fi Direct support has been improved, so your device can now remember other devices.
  • Faster captive portal detection on Wi-Fi, cellular connections, and pay-as-you-go SIMs.

New in Phone

  • Use the phone app in landscape orientation or while in a car dock.
  • With new filtering options you can quickly manage and review your call log.
  • Improved TalkBack support with a single tap dialpad.

New in Settings

  • Access Settings by tapping the Quick Settings icon in the notification shade, or swipe down from the top right on tablets or with two fingers on phones to access settings.
  • Now quickly toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a long press in Quick Settings.

New in System

  • New 10-inch tablet UI which lets you quickly access your favorite apps from any homescreen and gives improved access to your notifications.
  • New multi-user support for tablets lets different users have their own separate, customizable spaces on a single device.
  • Tablets can now support up to eight users. Three users can be active at a time, and they can all sync data like email at the same time and even reuse apps if another user has them installed.
  • A new display mode ‘Daydream’ allows apps to display interactive screensavers – like a photo album or a Currents stream when your tablet or phone isn’t being used.
  • App permissions are now clearer and more intuitive.
  • Android 4.2 introduces a new app verification service (for devices that have Google Play installed) that provides enhanced security along with always-on VPN.
  • You’ll now receive a warning before an app tries to send SMS messages that may cost you money.
  • Improved security for devices with debugging enabled – you can enable debugging for each new debugging client.

So don’t forget to enjoy the latest android on your phone. Should you need any help to update the phone software check it here: How to Update Android Latest Version

If you are getting a message that your phone has latest software that has two implications:

  1. The software is not released for the phone you are using
  2. The phone does not support the version.

Nevertheless, if you are still having problems, comment below and we will discuss and try to resolve your problems.

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