Micromax Canvas A116 HD

Micromax Canvas a116 phone is competing with Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Samsung galaxy s3 was already crowned as best smartphone by Tipscow. S3 still stands out as the best smartphone today, however, with respect to budget some may go ahead with canvas carrying many similar features as S3. There is hype about S4 in the market and we have already discussed its specs.

Good about Micromax Canvas A116 HD

Micromax Canvas A116 HD has 8MP camera, Quad Core processor chipset & brilliant sleek looks that people have always loved.

The good thing is that the Micromax Canvas HD phone is available for an amazing price of upto 15000 rupees in India.

Micromax Canvas a116 Tipscow

Courtesy: indiatvnews.com

Gaps in Micromax Canvas A116 HD

Micromax Canvas A116 HD has only 1 GB Ram. This is more of telling a 25 year old 6 feet tall guy to swim in kids swimming pool of 6 feet diameter. The processor is powerful, however, there is not enough space given to the processor to perform the operations or do the processing.

Today, in S3, sometimes there is a lag which is kind of embarrassment especially when you are trying to save someone’s phone number in front of him/her. You see nothing but a blank screen because the phone is opening the application. I have covered the problems with S3 in detail in my earlier post. So, you can imagine how the phone’s Quad core processor work in such a small size RAM of 1GB.

The other dark area is Internal Memory is mere 1.77 GB. Of course it can be expanded, but I wonder how would one make a phone with Quad core processor giving so less internal memory. So you need to essentially buy an SD Card. The memory is expandable only upto 32GB which again is 50% lesser than what S3 provides.

The Screen is IPS type than the Super AMOLED with Gorilla Glass that S3 provides.

It also lacks Smile detection and Image stabilization.

Certainly, if you need all these good features you will need to shell out 20000 rupees extra for a phone like S3 which costs around 35000 rupees in India. Micromax is targeting consumers who can’t afford extra 20000 rupees for a “S3 show off”.

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