Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems

No matter how best a thing is, there has to be at least one problem associated with it. So does we have Samsung Galaxy s3 problems. Despite of the problems, as I discussed earlier, it is crowned to be the best smartphone as of today.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems

Samsung Galaxy S3 is considered to have the latest and best hardware embedded in it. Still, there are time when its users are having difficult time with it.

The Phone Speaker Problem

The phone speaker is on the backside, so when your phone is lying on bed, it takes time to realize that someone is calling. The sound gets suppresed.

Slowdown Problem of Samsung Galaxy S3

It is quite embarrassing when you are supposed to store someone’s contact number and your phone responds too slow. This situation is quite embarrassing because you have the best smartphone but it doesn’t really prove it at times.


Disable the power savings option through the notifications quick buttons.
Generally, some applications on android do not get closed even when you are not using them. Press and hold the Home Button until you see the list of recent apps and three soft buttons below it. Tap the first touch button and on the next screen, select RAM on the top. Now, Tap the “Clear memory” button on the screen. It will close some applications that are running in background.

The animations needs CPU power to perform and hence slows down your phone. You can go to Settings > Developer options and change Window animation scale and Transition animation scale to .3x or turn it completely off.

Battery Drain Problem

With any smartphone the battery life depends upon the screen size and the usage of the phone. The battery drains pretty fast that you are just over it.


Disable tilt scrolling of Google Chrome (if you have it installed). Open Google Chrome and choose Settings > Developer tools and then uncheck Enable Tilt Scrolling.

Sometimes when you are traveling or in a very low range of mobile network, the battery drains faster. Because the phone continuosly checks for the availability of the mobile network. If you are certain that mobile network is not available or is fluctuating due to travel. It’s a good idea to turn the flight mode ON temporarily – remember to disable flight mode ON later otherwise you might miss important communications.

Also, let the battery drain until 6% is remaining then charge it to upto 95%. Charging the phone again and again may corrupt the battery life.

Wi-Fi Fluctuations

It happens that your S3 connects to the Wi-Fi works for sometime and then drops again. This causes a lot of problem when you are browsing a site or chatting with friends. The friends you are chatting with feels that you are least interested to chat with that person while actually this is not the case.


Restart your phone!
Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Tab menu button then choose Advanced and ensure that “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” is set to Always.

Copy & Paste are not working

This is the problem with the android update to JellyBean 4.1.1.


Update your android to the latest available software and it would fix the problem. Currently, update with Android 4.1.2 has fixed this problem. There are two articles covering the realease and steps to update to the latest Android.

If you are facing more problems or if you feel problems & solutions discussed above are to be updated, share your thoughts via comments section below and let’s evolve.

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  1. Hello .. i have an issue with the colors seem to be so vanished! I tried to adjust the brightness from Settings – Display – Brightness , but it’s not about the brightness because even though it’s so low , the colors still vanished ! i also checked the screen mode , it’s set normally on standard.I tried the dinamic mode too but still. Honestly this is so annoying to the eyes 🙁 .. plz help me !

  2. Hi Miri,
    Did your phone get exposed to water or did it fall on down? If it is in warranty, visit the samsung customer care and you should be able to get a help there.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Hello,
    I have a serious problem with my Glaxy s3.. itz battery is fluctuating. when it show dat battery z 60%.. Suddenly it jumps to 22%, then again the battery is increasing n reachz to 70 to 90%.. I have buy new battery, but again the same iz the problem. I also update my software, but same problem I am facing. Plz can Some 0ne tell me the reason..? w8ng plz

  4. my phone is taking a long time to charge although i’m using the original charger can you help me please ?

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