Why Prefer Grand Duos over Grand Quattro

Same brand, same looks, same name, same OS, “almost” same configuration of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 and Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (Win Duos) I8552. All these similar features makes choosing one amongst the two quite a confusing decision. I went to a mobile shop to check where these two smartphones differed. And quite interestingly I found that Grand Duos over Grand Quattro is better.

In the first glance, Samsung Grand Duos Quattro looks appealing due to its better processor, better battery backup, sleek design, lighter weight and cheaper price for a quad core smartphone. However, it is rightly said that the looks are deceptive.

Why Samsung Grand Duos is better than Samsung Grand Quattro (Win Duos)?

  1. Bigger Screen
    Bigger screens are better for viewing pictures, browsing internet, watching movies, etc. The drawback is the size and battery consumption.
  2. Better TouchWiz
    The main user interface from where one touches the phone screen and it responds is far better in case of Grand Duos over Grand Quattro.
  3. Better Camera Resolution
    8MP camera is going to give you better picture clarity than the 5MP camera of Grand Duos Quattro.
  4. Faster Download Speed
    Grand Duos support faster browsing speed at 21Mbps which is almost three times more than Quattro.
  5. HDMI Support
    HDMI support allows your phone to stream photos and videos to your LCD TV (HDMI Supported) using an HDMI cable.

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