Monetize YouTube Videos

by aditya bajaj on January 4, 2014 | Last Updated: January 4th, 2014

Did you know that the videos you are uploading to YouTube can actually pay you? Yes, with YouTube’s earning program, you can actually make money! All you need to do is enable monetize YouTube videos.

How can you start earning with YouTube?

Once you have uploaded videos, you can monetize your videos by having an approved AdSense account. At certain point it will ask you to connect the AdSense account with YouTube. Once this is done, you have enabled the AdSense on YouTube. Next step is to choose videos that can are eligible for money making.

Go to your video manager console and choose the videos that you think are eligible. Once you have chosen the videos to monetize they will get submitted for review.

How does monetized videos work?

After all the above process, whenever your videos are viewed by YouTube viewer s, the ads are displayed on the video or around it. And whenever user clicks on it OR for some 1000 impressions, you get paid. The earnings or the traffic report can be monitored in YouTube’s admin console.

Learn how to make interesting videos that can make you more money.

3 thoughts on “Monetize YouTube Videos

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  2. Karan Singh says:

    thanks for shearing such a wonderful article with us, it is really helpful for me, now i can make money by uploading video on the youtube.

  3. Sasikumar Krishnan says:

    Thanks for the tips on monetizing youtube videos.

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